Magistrate lashes out at rogue cop

Bruce Tendai Nyamujara

A Bulawayo magistrate lashed out at a police officer who stabbed his friend with a kitchen knife on the cheek for drinking his hot stuff describing him as a “monster and rogue” cop who has dragged the name of the police into disrepute.

Stephen Ndhlovu who appeared most disturbed that the police officer Bruce Tendai Nyamujara (34) who was stationed at Bulawayo Central used a dangerous weapon which has on numerous occasions caused deaths subsequently condemned him to jail for an effective of 24 months with hard labour.

Nyamujara who pleaded not guilty to assault was however, convicted after a full trial and sentenced him to 30 months imprisonment of which six months imprisonment were suspended for five years on condition, he will not within that period convicted of an offence on which assault is an element and for which upon conviction will be sentenced to imprisonment without an option of a fine.

In coming up with the sentence, the magistrate took into consideration the fact that Nyamujara as a police officer he was supposed to lead by example.

He said instead of protecting the public, the accused has turned into a monster scarring the complainant for life.

“The offense that the accused is convicted of is very prevalent hence the need for deterrent sentences. That the weapon used is dangerous and has on numerous occasions caused death and that the accused is a rogue police officer who has dragged the name of the police service into disrepute.

“The accused as a police officer is expected to be a law-abiding citizen, who should be exemplary, society will lose confidence in both the police service and judiciary service is such kind of behaviour is condoned,” charged the magistrate.

Prosecuting Leonard Chile told the court that on 19 August 2020 and at around 4pm the accused was drinking beer with the complainant Rangarirai Chikuvadze (33) at Millennium Bar situated at Ross Camp in Bulawayo.

The court heard that a fierce argument erupted between the two parties who had been sharing opaque beer, after Chikuvadze drank Nyamujara’s hot stuff which he claimed had bought for himself.

It was proved that after the heated scuffle Nyamujara left the scene and came back later armed with a kitchen knife which he used to stab the complainant once on the left side of the cheek.

After the brutal attack, Chikuvadze sustained a deep cut and was referred to hospital for medication. The matter was reported to the police leading to his arrest.

The accused denied the charge and in his defence outline, he told the court that the complainant was source of the problem because of his violent nature.

He said on the day in question, and knowing the complainant’s violent tendencies whenever he got drunk, after finishing opaque beer he changed drinking partners but the complainant followed him and started drinking beer that he had bought.

“I bought another bottle of hot stuff, and told the complainant that I didn’t want to share it with him but he (complainant) forced himself on it. When I asked for my hot stuff, the complainant started slapping me. This led to an altercation resulting in us grappling with each other. At the height of that grappling, we both fell to the ground,” said Nyamujara.

He further told the court that when he got up, he realised that Chivaudze was bleeding.

“I didn’t know or see what caused the injury but the area on which we grappled was littered with broken beer bottles and I suspected that he was cut when we fell down.

“I however, assisted him by taking him to Mzilikazi Police Station where he later told police officers that it was me who had stabbed him leading to my arrest,” said Nyamujara.

His defence didn’t however, save him from the jaws of the prison when the magistrate handed him a package of 30 months behind bars for the crime.

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