Magaya trial: Prosecutor-General turns the knife on rabid lawyer

Thabani Mpofu is advising Simango

Prosecutor-General (PG) Ray Goba has said that he will file criminal charges against, Nyikadzino Simango, the lawyer representing the complainant in the Walter Magaya rape case.

The PG alleges that Simango obstructed justice by helping his client, Petronella Donhodzo, to go against a court order instructing her to present herself for trial. Donhodzo has declared that she will not testify against Magaya alleging that Goba was forcing her. Part of Goba’s letter reads,

I am formally lodging a criminal report and disciplinary complaint with the Law Society of Zimbabwe which regulates the conduct of all legal practitioners in the country …I submit that with respect that your modus operandi is despicable and unbecoming of a duly admitted legal practitioner. Your motivation must have been to hinder the commencement of the criminal trial and intimidate the prosecution.

Goba also refuted allegations that he had contact with the complainant, as well as Kudakwashe Elliot. Elliot is a rape suspect who was allegedly protected by Goba.

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