Kereke faces rape and fraud charges

HARARE – Suspected serial rapist and fraudster Naboth Kereke has appeared in court on allegations of rape and fraud.

Allegations are that sometime last year Naboth Kereke called the victim purporting that he wanted to give her money since the accused person was a Real Estate Agent .

The court heard that upon arrival at Gwanzura Borehole in Highfield, Kereke told his unsuspecting victim that there was a house to rent around Paradise area in Highfield and the two agreed to go and check the place.

It is alleged that upon reaching a secluded place, Kereke grabbed the complainant by the neck and raped her once, before she ran away screaming for help but to no avail.

The court further heard that Kereke chased the complainant and raped her the second time.

The accused, who appeared in court this Wednesday, is alleged to have committed this latest crime while on bail for other rape and fraud charges committed using same tricks.

Kereke, who was already in remand will be back in court on the 20th of this month.