High Court Dismisses Zanu PF Application To Have Ballot Papers Printed On Bond Paper To Minimise Rigging

High Court judge Justice Nyaradzo Munangati-Manongwa has dismissed an application by opposition Zanu leader Chawaona Wilbroad Kanoti to have ballot papers printed on ordinary bond papers to minimise chances of cheating in the 30 July harmonised elections.

In dismissing the application, Justice Munangati-Manongwa said, Zanu’s application was ill thought and devoid of merit. Said the judge,

There is no evidence placed before the court to buttress the allegations of an electoral manipulation and how it can be achieved through the use of special ballot paper. ….as the challenge is on the chemical composition and type of the special ballot paper scientific evidence had to be presented to show the inappropriateness of the ballot paper.

…To simply suggest that bond paper is appropriate is not only being naïve but to underrate the very special process.

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