Hackers target Marry Chiwenga lead investigator’s phone, issue warning

Paul Nyathi

HARARE – Hackers have targeted a detective leading the investigation into an alleged plot to kill Vice President Constantino Chiwenga by his estranged wife, Marry, ZimLive has learnt.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and other security agencies have launched an investigation after Detective Assistant Inspector Luxon Saurowe’s phone was apparently hacked by suspected foreign actors calling themselves ‘Group 6’.

After seizing control of his phone and locking him out of his WhatsApp, the hackers posted a picture of a naked woman with the message: “The world wouldn’t be a better place if there were no consequences for our actions. We are watching over you /Group6/.”

According to an online publication, Saurowe revealed the breach on Facebook where he apologised to his family and friends for seeing the offensive image.

He wrote: “An apology to all my Econet WhatsApp contacts and family members and friends. My account is hacked and is displaying pornographic material on the profile picture. I am unable to access the account such that I may delete the account.”

A source told ZimLive that Saurowe started receiving threatening messages after leading the swoop on Chiwenga’s wife following claims by the former army general that she tried to kill him in a South African hospital where he was receiving treatment in July.

Hacked … Luxon Saurowe is leading investigation into claims Marry Mubaiwa tried to kill her husband

“He started receiving threats on his phone from people using South African, United Kingdom and United States numbers. The hackers accused him of being used to persecute innocent people. This all started after he was appointed investigating officer in the Marry Mubaiwa case. It’s linked,” a source close to the investigation said.

National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the breach happened after Saurowe was sent a file which he was asked to open, apparently by the hackers. He was locked out of his WhatsApp account moments later.

Nyathi however denied the hack was connected to the investigation into the vice president’s wife.

“It has nothing to do with the case he is investigating. Some people sent him a message on WhatsApp informing him that they wanted to send him some material and that’s the material that caused his phone to be hacked. The issue has nothing to do at all with Mubaiwa’s case,” Nyathi maintained.

Marry, a 36-year-old former model who married 63-year-old Chiwenga in 2011, is currently in prison awaiting a High Court ruling on his bail application.

She also faces allegations of taking over a million United States dollars out of the country on false pretenses in breach of exchange control regulations.