Gweru dealer shoots four, kills two in domestic dispute

Dealer shoots four, kills two in domestic dispute

A prominent car dealer in Gweru, Peter Dube last night opened fire on four people, killing two and injuring the other two including his wife Nyasha Nharingo following a domestic dispute at their residence in the central business district.

Peter Dube’s wife, Nyasha Nharingo who together with her sister Nyaradzo (below) are battling for life at Gweru Provincial Hospital following the shooting in the early hours of today. The two’s father, Mr Bothwell Nharingo visited them in the hospital around 8 am and said Nyasha has two bullets in the head which are still to be removed while her sister Nyaradzo has a deep bullet wound in the neck, Their condition is said to be critical.

Among the deceased is Shelton Chinhango who was shot at close range while seated in his car as he tried to flee the violent suspect.

Nyasha is in critical condition after she was shot through the neck.



Dube accused Chinhango of having an affair with his wife Nyasha.

When The Herald visited the scene this morning, a body was still lying on the tarmac while the other, believed to Gamuchirai Shoko, was lying on the staircase in a block of flats in the CBD where the incident occurred.

Gamuchirai Shoko

Shoko was Nyasha’s best friend.

Shelton Chinhango

Police were busy barricading the block of flats while dispersing crowds that had gathered at the scene. Police attending the scene said the suspect, Dube has since gone in hiding but his mobile phone was still ringing without being answered.

Officer in Charge Gweru Central, Chief Inspector Joel Goko at the scene

Police say a manhunt has been launched for Dube.

Source: Herald

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