Growing calls for Grace Mugabe arrest over attempted murder mount

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's wife Grace greets supporters at a rally in Lupane about 170 Kilometres north of Bulawayo, Friday, July, 21, 2017. Mugabe's rally is his first since his return from a routine medical review in Singapore. The worlds oldest leader has launched a series of rallies targeting the youth ahead of Presidential elections set for 2018(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

There have been calls for Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe to be arrested after she allegedly assaulted a woman on Sunday at a hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The First Lady reportedly visited South Africa on Monday where she was due to receive treatment for a leg injury.

“We want the SA police to arrest Grace Mugabe. You cannot beat up a young lady for going out with your son,”

Zimbabwean Communist Party secretary general Nqabutho Mabhena told the Mail & Guardian on Monday.

The woman had been visiting Mugabe’s two sons Robert Jr. and Bellermine, who live in South Africa, when the First Lady arrived with ten bodyguards.

The woman took to Twitter and posted pictures a gash on her forehead, which she claims was the result of Grace Mugabe hitting her with an extension cord plug.

“She split my head open in 3 places… With an extension cord and used the plug to hit me,” @DaNamesGaby tweeted in the early hours of Monday morning.

“Rob jnr [sic] was put out of the hotel room and Bellermine ran away. My two friends and I were beat up in a room with 10+ men leaving her to do it,” she wrote.

After the attack, the woman was taken to the hospital where she received stitches, and then to a police station where she attempted to lay a charge of assault against Mugabe.

By Monday afternoon, Sandton police spokesperson Mavela Masondo was not aware of an investigation taking place.

Meanwhile, another woman purporting to be the mother of the victim, appealed to police minister Fikile Mbalula, via Twitter, to arrest the Zimbabwean president’s wife.

“@MbalulaFikile please arrest Grace Mugabe for assaulting my daughter,” @Debbie_dme wrote on Monday afternoon.

“She must discipline her own and not other people’s kids. Who gives her the right,” @Debbie_dme wrote.

The Zimbabwean embassy has been contacted for comment and this story will be updated once they respond.