Grace accused girl of supplying sons drugs

HOTEL DRAMA: Grace Mugabe, the wife of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, allegedly assaulted a Joburg woman, left, at the weekend.

The SAPS is in possession of a signed document by Zimbabwe’s First lady Mrs Grace Mugabe in which the well known abuser accused a South African-Greek young lady of supplying high end drugs to her sons.

She swore an affidavit in front of a police commissioner that her sons have got state protection and hence it is not easy for them to go and get drugs by themselves hence the use of the girl as a decoy.

It is rumoured that the girl in question – whose name is being withheld – pointed out after being beaten by Grace that she was just a runner for a Mr DuPlesis. hence the First lady surrendered herself to the police so that this high clientele dealer could be arrested.

It is no secret that the Mugabe boys are persona non grata in Dubai because they were caught in possession of coccaine. Mugabe had to bribe the whole hotel so that they would not be executed.

A similar situation occurred in Italy and France and the first lady also became violent.

Zimbabwean state controlled media the Herald reported that the First Lady assaulted a foreign agent ( Greek Intelligence) who was leading the boys to mischief.

Mr Mbalula could not be contacted for a response as the issue now concerns Ministry of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs due to the diplomatic issues involved as well as the real possibility that South Africa is a haven for European intelligence organizations.

Our investigations continued to the airport where Mugabe was cleared to take off by National Aviation Authorities knowing full well that she had a pending case.

As of now, the Mugabe boys have jettisoned to the USA at the expense of a cash starved nation.It is also beleived that despite their obvious wealth,the Mugabe boys are not liked by people in Zimbabwe because of their dictator father, hence they feel safe in a foreign land.

We still await the development of the $700 000 lawsuit posted. A response from the Zimbabwean consulate in Johannesburg was not forthcoming as they are gagged.

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