Ginimbi’s Estate Executor Denies Influencing The Family To Accept Unsigned Will

The executor of Ginimbi’s estate Ms. Patricia Darangwa has denied allegations being leveled against her that she blackmailed the Kadungure family into accepting the unsigned will she presented to them, the Daily News reports.

Darangwa stated this as she was responding to the family’s suit contesting the authenticity of the will they had previously accepted last year. Said Darangwa in her response to the allegations said there was no proof to prove that she coerced the family to accept the unsigned will:

To prove that the applicants were not unduly influenced by the first respondent (Darangwa), none of the applicants (or any of the other family members or beneficiaries) appealed against the decision of the Master of the High Court accepting the will.

This is consistent with what is contained in their affidavits. The probabilities favour a finding that there was no  undue influence. No evidence of such has been placed before the court

The executor of Ginimbi’s estate also accused the applicants of not giving a clear picture of what transpired at the said meeting on 15 November which is stated in the applicant’s founding affidavit and said:

On the 15th of November 2020, the applicants invited the first respondent to the deceased’s residence in Domboshawa to read out the will. The first respondent obliged. She showed the family members who were present (including the applicants) a copy of the will.

Everyone in attendance at this meeting accepted that the unsigned will was an expression of the deceased’s wishes. Family members, including the applicants, signed affidavits confirming that the unsigned will reflected the intention of the deceased.

This came a few weeks after it emerged the Kadungure family was reluctant to hand over Ginimbi’s Lamborghini to his friend Nommater Zisengwe aka Kit Kat as stipulated in the will they filed at the Master Of the High Court as they were doubting the authenticity of the will.

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