Four in family beheaded in muti-related killings

Harare – A Zimbabwe family lost all four daughters – three of them minors – after they were allegedly beheaded in what may have been a gruesome muti or ritual killing. One of the daughters, the eldest, was married.

The bodies of the Dlomo daughters were found burnt beyond recognition in a hut in a village about 360km west of the capital, Harare.

The heads of the dead are missing and no motive has yet emerged, according to a report in The Chronicle, published in Bulawayo.

Chief Mukoka told reporters: “I can confirm that a family from Chirima Village have lost four children after they were beheaded and burnt in one of the huts.

“This is sad and I cannot imagine what the parents of the victims are going through,” he said.

He was working with the police as the crime was too serious to be processed in a traditional court, he added.

“Things that happen nowadays are really scary. I do not know how a normal person could have the strength to kill four people, including helpless children.

“People should repent because society has become very unsafe for our children,” he said.

The family suspects the girls were part of a ritual murder and said they suspect some of the children’s body parts were used for traditional medicine.

Three of the murdered girls were still at school.