DJ stashes mbanje in underwear

A Kwekwe Disc Jockey (DJ) was arrested after he was caught stashing twists of marijuana in his underwear.

Wayne Makoni (28), whose stage name is DJ Masterpiece, was arrested by alert police who worked on a tip-off while he was on the decks at Queens Sports Club, a popular joint in the Midlands town.

He was arraigned before Kwekwe magistrate Livard Philemon, facing illegal possession of drugs and he pleaded guilty to the charge.

He was sentenced to perform 105 hours of community service at Kwekwe Magistrates’ Courts.

The court heard that on 23 March around 10pm at Queens Sports Club, police caught Makoni smoking weed.

After searching him, they found 0,007kg of marijuana stashed in his underwear.

In mitigation, Makoni said he smoked the weed since he did not want to drink alcohol on the night.

“Your worship, I smoked the weed because I did not drink alcohol since I tend to lose my morals when I take alcohol.

I did not intend to do anything wrong,” he told the court.

In sentencing him, Philemon considered that Makoni did not waste the court’s time.

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