Death threats drive small house to court


A GWANDA woman has applied for a peace order against her alleged lover’s wife whom she says often threatens to kill her.

Ms Sithabile Ndlovu, speaking in court, said Rethabile Patana who is also her neighbour was in the habit of insulting her and threatening to kill her.

“Patana is my neighbour and she is married to Mr Reason Moyo. She is alleging that I’m having an affair with her husband which is false as I only know him as a neighbour.

“She started making these allegations in October and since then she has been harassing me. She is constantly insulting me in public, threatening to assault and kill me. I pray that the court may order her to desist from harassing me or coming to my house as I have done nothing wrong,” said Ms Ndlovu.

Ms Ndlovu said she had tried to engage Patana over the matter but without luck which forced her to approach the court.

In response, Patana said she did not object to the peace order being granted but denied insulting or threatening Ms Ndlovu.

She said she just approached Ms Ndlovu and told her to end the affair she was having with her husband.

“Ms Ndlovu is indeed my neighbour but at the same time she is having an affair with my husband. I don’t object to the peace order being granted but that’s if she is prepared to end the affair she has with my husband.

“I have never insulted or threatened her but I just told her to end the affair with my husband. She is just denying having an affair with him but she is. She insists that she knows my husband as a neighbour but I’m aware that they are constantly communicating,” she said.

Patana said she had seen Ms Ndlovu’s profile picture on her husband’s cell phone. She said she had invited Ms Ndlovu to the Econet shop to check whether she was not communicating with her husband but her husband’s lover had refused.

She said she had also told her husband that they had to move to another suburb but he refused.

Presiding over the matter, Gwanda magistrate Mr Obedience Matare issued a peace order that is binding to both Patana and Ms Ndlovu.

“A reciprocal peace order is granted whereby each party is directed not to insult or assault the other. You are all ordered to observe peace between one another and each party is restricted from entering the premises of the other,” he said.

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