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Court saves ‘evil witch’ from abusive daughter (42)

Siphiwe Siwela
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GOGO Siphiwe Siwela (pictured above) from Mzilikazi suburb in Bulawayo’s lifelong agony is that her 42-year-old daughter Sizalobuhle Siwela treats her horribly by constantly firing a tirade of insults calling her ‘an evil witch and serial prostitute’.

Gogo Siwela said her pain became even worse as her daughter always insulted her while demanding to know the whereabouts of her father who deserted her (Gogo Siwela) after her (Sizalobuhle) birth some 40 years ago.

Sizalobuhle Siwela

Sizalobuhle Siwela

“Sizalobuhle Siwela is my biological daughter and is in the habit of verbally abusing me while calling me a witch and prostitute.  She is always harassing me while demanding that I tell her who her father is and take her to him. I have explained to her that I have no knowledge of his whereabouts as he deserted me in 1976 soon after her birth.

“In 2012 I once sought a protection order against her but that never worked as she continued harassing me. Her behaviour is disturbing my peace and it is my prayer that she should stay away from me and my house,” complained Gogo Siwela adding that the abuse made her upset and sometimes she cried.

She bared her soul and the tumultuous relationship with her daughter at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against her (Sizalobuhle).

Sizalobuhle, who apparently believed that all the misfortune and difficulties she has been experiencing was as a result of not knowing her father said it pained her a lot that she didn’t know where her father was.

“It is not true that I am harassing her but it pains me a lot that I do not know my father. If she doesn’t want me to come to her house it means that our relationship as mother and daughter is automatically over and she should also not communicate with me,” said Sizalobuhle.

Her response didn’t go down well with the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya who charged at her saying: “It is not your mother’s duty to look for your father but it is his duty to look for you. Instead of harassing her you should be grateful that she single-handedly looked after you”.

In a bid to give peace a chance between the two parties, the magistrate ordered Sizalobuhle not to verbally and emotionally abuse her mother and not to visit her house without her consent. She was also ordered to take her two children who are staying with her mother.