Court burglar gets 10 years

AN unrepentant burglar who broke into offices at the Rusape Magistrates’ Courts where he was performing community service and stole money as well as stationery was jailed for 10 years. Shorai Pleasant Doriro (21) of House Number 54, Vengere was performing community service for spate of unlawful entry convictions when he stole cash and stationery from the accounts and District Prosecutor’s office.

He used a hoe to break into the offices. Shorai pleaded guilty when he appeared before Rusape provincial magistrate, Mr Shane Kubonera, who sentenced him to 10 years for the four counts of unlawful entry. State prosecutor, Mr Tafara Chawatama, said Shorai twice broke into Rusape District prosecutor, Mr Tirivanhu Mutyasira’s office and stole stationery. He broke into the accounts office and stole a cash box containing $345 which was in the custody of Mr Lesson Changaidzo.

“On September 25, 2017, Shorai who is performing community service at Rusape Magistrates’ Court took advantage of Mr Tirivanhu Mutyasira’s absence and proceeded to his office armed with a hoe. The accused person attempted to open the office door, but failed to break it. The accused person left scratch marks on the door during the process. At around 8:45am on the same day, the complainant discovered the offence when he wanted to open his office door to resume duty.

“On September 26, 2017, Shorai used a hoe to open Mr Mutyasira’s office, but did not steal anything. He broke the keys during the process. On September 27, 2017, Shorai used a hoe to break into Mr Mutyasira’s office again. While inside, he stole six rims of bond paper, one stapler, two small boxes of staple pins and one ink pad and went away unnoticed. At around 7:15am on the same day, Shorai proceeded to Number 48, Manda Street where he sold two rims of bond paper, one ink pad, two small boxes of staple pins and one stapler to Masimba Chirozvi. He was paid $11 for the property. On the same day he also proceeded to Number 38, Tongogara Street where he sold four rims of bond paper to Mavis Manzunzu for $18 and was paid via Ecocash,” said Mr Chawatama.

He said on September 30, Shorai used a hoe to force open the accounts office door. While inside he stole a blue cash box containing $330 and various receipts under the custody of Lesson Changaidzo, the assistant accountant.

“He then used the same hoe to break the cash box and stole the money before concealing the cash box with the receipts and the hoe in a drainage system in the court yard. On October 1, 2017, Shorai was arrested and led detectives to House Number 48, Manda Street and Number 38, Tongogara Street were all the property stolen from Mr Mutyasira’s office was recovered. From the cash and receipts stolen, only $15 was recovered,” said Mr Chawatama.

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