Cheating man beaten to death

Chipo Guta narrates events leading to the fatal assault of her boyfriend. - Picture by Tinai Nyadzayo.

ANYANGA man was on Tuesday evening assaulted to death after he was caught having sex with a married woman.

James Nyakapanga (36) was having the time of his life with Chipo Guta nee Boterere, whose husband is currently in South Africa before the latter’s axe-wielding in-laws budged in and assaulted him.

Nyakapanga sustained serious injuries and died before he was taken to Nyanga District Hospital. One of the suspects, Chengetai Guta, who is young brother to Chipo’s husband, was arrested and is assisting police with investigations. Police confirmed the incident which happened in Matema Village in Chief Saunyama’s area around 10pm.

“The woman’s husband is currently in South Africa. Nyakapanga and Chipo were caught in the act around 10pm by the husband’s relatives who assaulted them all over the body. He became unconscious and died before he was taken to the hospital,” said Deputy Manicaland province police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda.

Chipo (36) was dejected and at a loss of words when The Weekender visited her homestead in Matema Village on Wednesday. She cast a lone figure and said was contemplating committing suicide because of shame.

“We were in love but I was no longer dating him. He was pestering me for sex and on this particular day he waited for me while I was coming from Mutare. It was around 10pm. He said he was hungry and we gave him food that had been cooked by my gardener. He also requested to bath and I gave him a bucket of water. I went to the bedroom to nurse my baby and he followed me after finishing bathing. While he was in the bedroom, my in-laws led by my husband’s father, brother and son came and broke a window. One of them shouted at me asking about the person who was inside. They were so vicious and I got scared. They dragged Nyakapanga and started assaulting him all over his body. It was scary. They left him and went to inform Nyakapanga’s relatives.

“He was taken to their house. He was in pain. He died before he was rushed to the hospital,” she said.

She said her affair with Nyakapanga once caused commotion in her marriage.

“We were once in love but it was over. My husband now knows about this and he was shocked. I think it’s better for me to commit suicide because the whole village is talking about me. It’s a shame. At least Nyakapanga’s soul has rested,” she added.

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