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Cheated woman cries in court

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IN a protest like fashion, a Bulawayo woman caused drama in court when she allegedly “cried” while threatening to divorce her husband for allegedly sleeping around with several women without protection.

Cathrine Mhiyangwa gave a heartbreaking account of betrayal at the hands of her husband Health Mutashu saying he was a “serial womaniser”.

She said Mutashu was  going around impregnating several women before he forced her to take care of those children sired out of the union.

She tearfully claimed her husband was causing her headaches by allegedly siring several children outside their customary marriage.

“I am customarily married to Health Mutashu. My husband has been emotionally abusing me since 2010. He impregnated several women without stating reasons why he is doing that. He has several children outside marriage some of them whom he is forcing me to look after. He took his other child aged years from his mother and forced me to look after him, something which I believe is not proper.

“Just imagine at one time he came home with a seven-month-old baby. What pains me is that he left those children under my custody while he is going around sleeping with other women,” complained Mhiyangwa before she begged the court to order Mutashu to take back his seven-year-old child to its mother.

She went on to give her husband some options saying if he was still interested in her as a wife, he should take back the child in question to its mother.

“Your Worship, if he still needs me as his wife he should take back the seven-year-old child back to its mother because failure to do that I am moving out of the house. I am fed up with his cheating and it’s difficult for me to stay with a man who is going around sleeping with several women without protection,” fumed a tearful Mhiyangwa.

In response, a disgraced Mutashu didn’t dispute his wife’s accusations.

“What I can say is that I can’t chase away my child. I would rather move out of the house with him than send him back to his mother. I wanted him to stay with other children but it seems my wife is not comfortable with the arrangement and there is nothing I can do,” responded Mutashu.

In his ruling, presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya said he could not order Mutashu to take back the child in question since he was the biological father who also has the right to look after his child. He, however, ordered Mutashu not to verbally and emotionally abuse his wife.