Brother kills sister (16) for dating 6 boyfriends


GWERU – Tryphine Tarisai who was 16 died in her sleep in July 2020 after her brother severely assaulted her with an electric cable for allegedly dating six different boyfriends.

After discovering the alleged boyfriends, the brother, Terrence Tarisai ordered the Ascot High Form 3 girl to phone her lovers one after another and tell them that the relationship was off.

She was severely thrashed and a few minutes later she complained that she was feeling cold and she was taken to bed by her aunt. The aunt checked her moments later and discovered that she was dead. The matter was reported to Police and the accused was arrested.

High Court Judge, Justice Maxwell Takuva last week sentenced Terrence to eight years in jail after convicting him of culpable homicide. The Judge who is sitting at Gweru Circuit High Court dropped the murder charge.

Terrence discovered her sister’s love affairs after going through messages in her mobile phone.

The State said that on July 22, 2020, Terrence got home and discovered that his sister Tryphine was away and had left her 10-year- old sister alone. Tryphine only arrived at 6pm and told her brother that she had gone to the shops.

The accused grabbed his sister’s phone and went through WhatsApp and text messages and he discovered that his sister was dating a number of boyfriends. He assaulted his sister and she fled and sought refuge at her aunt’s place in Section 7 Mtapa.

The aunt accompanied her back the following morning but Terrence insisted on disciplining her before taking her back into the home. She was assaulted with an electric cable and a belt and a few minutes later she was feeling cold and was put in bed by her aunt.

Justice Takuva lamented the increasing cases of use of force by parents and guardians on children.