Broadcasting of Kwese TV in Zimbabwe Suspended

The latest developments might the break the hearts of many information starved Zimbabweans who had already purchased a Kwese TV decoder, or were planning to do so. The government of Zimbabwe, through the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe have managed to suspend Kwese TV from broadcasting following their Supreme Court appeal against the the initial High Court ruling which had ruled in favor of Dr Dish, the official distributor of Kwese TVin Zimbabwe.

Kwese TV has since approached the High Court for permission to allow them to broadcast while they waiting for their case to commence in the Supreme Court.

Is a statement Kwese TV has offered to refund customers who had bought their decoders.

The government of Zimbabwe has a history of being anti-media especially against television based companies, some examples over the years include Joy TV, MABC and most recently BOS TV.

Read the full statement below:

Kwese TV Zimbabwe suspended

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