Aunt flees knife-wielding marauding niece

A WOMAN had to flee to a police station to report her violent niece who wanted to stab her to death for scolding her after she found her assaulting her mother.

Namatirai Machate of New Magwegwe suburb admonished her niece Kudakwashe Makusha after she found her beating her mother.

But Kudakwashe turned on her as she reached for a knife and charged at her threatening to stab her to death.

Fearing for her life Machate had to flee to a police station to report her violent niece.

After that Machate went straight to Western Commonage court to seek a protection order.

“I’m having problems with my niece Kudakwashe Makusha. She harasses me and threatens to stab me to death with a knife. Last week on Thursday I found her assaulting her mother, when I tried to stop her from bashing her she became violent and picked a knife to stab me, fearing for my life I had to run to a police station and reported the matter ,”said Machate.

“Her mother and I are now living in fear of her and I fear that she might kill us because she is very violent and always carries an Okapi knife. On another occasion she smashed my phone on the ground and now I fear that she will also damage my property,” she said.

Kudakwashe apologised for her wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry when I did that I was drunk and I ask for forgiveness from my mother and aunt,” she pleaded.

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Machate the protection order and also ordered Kudakwashe to desist from assaulting and insulting her mother and being violent.

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