Armed robbers strike burial society, get away with US$12 000

ARMED robbers in Bulawayo struck at a house in North End suburb, robbing a family of over US$12 000 and R4 500 that belonged to a burial society.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the incident and urged members of the public to bank large sums of money instead of keeping it at home and workplaces.

“The ZRP reiterates that members of the public must make use of banking institutions and avoid keeping large sums of cash in their homes or business premises This follows a case of armed robbery which occurred in Northend, Bulawayo, on 27/06/21, where a family lost US$12 242 and ZAR 4 500, belonging to a burial society, to robbers,” tweeted the police.

Bulawayo has had a spate of armed robberies and some have ended in tragedy. Last month, robbers shot dead a female cashier at a liquor store at Ascot Shopping Centre. She was shot twice in the head.

In another case, armed robbers got away with seven boxes full of cash after robbing a cash-in-transit van at a Choppies Supermarket in Parklands suburb.

In March, a gang armed with a pistol struck at a Trek fuel station in Gwabalanda suburb and got away with US$15,300 and R800.

Three days later, three men armed with a pistol held up petrol attendants at Amakhosi Service Station along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road. They tied up a security guard and two petrol attendants. The robbers spent three hours fuelling cars of unsuspecting motorists and bagging the cash. – The Chronicle