Zimbabwe’s Parirenyatwa Hospital Coronavirus Fears Allayed

Health officials have allayed fears of a coronavirus case at Parirenyatwa hospital after misleading social media reports on the whereabouts of a Zimbabwean woman who returned from China’s Wuhan province and placed in isolation at Wilkins hospital upon arrival from China, 263Chat has learnt.

A 27 year old Zimbabwean woman who traveled from Wuhan, China and was placed in isolation at Wilkins hospital and later discharged after she tested negative to the deadly virus. She has since been readmitted at Parirenyatwa hospital raising fears she could be having the novel disease.

The woman is said to have spent some time sitting among other frail patients in the casualty department at Parirenyatwa hospital.

However, Harare City Health Director, Dr Prosper Chonzi says there is no need for citizens to panic as the woman’s polymerase chain reaction (PCR) specimen was taken to three different countries for testing with all the results coming back negative for coronavirus.

He explained circumstances that led the woman to be taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“We did PCR test and her results were negative. We discharged her and put her under surveillance until yesterday when she tried to commit suicide,” said Chonzi.

The lady is said to have taken an overdose of amoxicillin.

“Took her to the nearest hospital which is Parirenyatwa for assessment. We are clear that she is coronavirus free. Right now she is at Wilkins and we are managing her just like any other patient we are also doing full infection screen and there is no need for members of the public to panic,” said Dr Chonzi.

Parirenyatwa group of hospitals acknowledged receiving the patient this Wednesday with hospital authorities now reviewing how the case was handled and assessing the facility’s preparedness to handle similar cases in the future.

Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe has sent a message of appreciation to the Office of the President and Cabinet for the support and solidarity extended to the Chinese government and the people of China by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on China’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

China also stated that there has been an outpouring of gratitude among ordinary Chinese adding that the show of solidarity by President Mnangagwa boosts the bi-lateral relations between the two nations.

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