Zimbabwe to receive more Sinopharm jabs this week amid lingering hesitancy

Zimbabwe will this week take delivery of the second batch of 200,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses donated by China, and a substantial  amount from its first purchase of the Sinopharm jabs.

The country rolled out its immunisation of frontline workers, including healthcare personnel and journalists, and court officials a month ago after receiving the first Chinese handout. The government went on to buy 600,000 more doses.

Beijing later made a second donation to help boost Zimbabwe’s fight against the pandemic which has since killed 1,503 people and infected 36,483 others.

Zimbabwe had the highest death rate in government officials and ministers than any other Southern African countries.

Announcing the latest delivery on Sunday, Chinese ambassador Guo Shaochun said “acting with determination and speed is the key” to ending coronavirus.

“Zimbabwean chartered flight will bring back the 2nd batch of China-donated COVID-19 vaccines as well as the first batch of procured Chinese vaccine. The plane is due to arrive in Beijing on Monday,” the ambassador tweeted.

The uptake of the Sinopharm vaccine has been subdued even among healthcare workers who are questioning its efficacy and safety.

The president of Zimbabwe cde Emerson Mnangagwa has to take to social media to encourage people to take the jab.

Many countries are planning to impose sanctions to those who would not have taken the Jab.

The hesitation in taking the jab has been caused by many in the social media who are spreading false information.  The United Kingdom is muting to pass a law which  will punish those who spread falsehoods against vaccination.

In order to encourage people to take the jab many senior members have taken their jabs on camera in an effort to encourage many people to take the jab.

Scientists in several countries have rushed to dispel rumours of reactions to the jab.


Source – Dr Masimba Mavaza

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