Zimbabwe sets first free pediatric orthopedic surgery hospital

The second child is wheeled in for his operation

Zimbabwe’s first and only the third in the region-Charitable Paediatric Orthopaedic Hospital-has successfully finished its first surgery this morning.

The hospital, operating as Cure Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe, opened in January but was fully licenced in February to start operations.

Through Government’s Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), they partnered with a non-governmental organisation for the restoration of the formerly Bulawayo Orthopaedic Hospital, now the Cure Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe.

The hospital treats children with severe deformities, referred for specialist attention from public hospitals.

Executive director of the hospital Mr Jonathan Simpson said their services are free. This is in line with the Government’s vision of equitable and world-class health services for all.

The first patient was an eight-year-old boy, Dr Collin Msasanure was the lead surgeon and is now attending to a 13-year-old boy.

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