Zimbabwe moves to conduct local research on Covid-19

30 January 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Essen: Kübra Yilmaz, nurse at the infection ward of the university hospital, in protective clothing and with a breathing mask, looks at two smear tubes. In Essen, the city and university hospital feel well prepared for patients infected with the novel coronavirus. Photo: Bernd Thissen/dpa

An Africa-led health initiative Tackling Infectious Diseases for the Benefit of Africa has partnered with researchers drawn from local universities, (NUST and UZ) and another newly formed IamBYO initiative to conduct research on the coronavirus.

According to Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa, the research programme explores and draws lessons from the ways different African health systems tackle infectious diseases. The study will be funded by the British government through the National Institute of Health Research.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe must go into overdrive in using home-grown solutions, local manufacturing and links to universities and colleges to grow the economy and address challenges building on the innovative collaboration now shown in containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local industries and institutions of higher learning have led the way in producing materials that include personal protective clothing, hand sanitisers and pharmaceuticals used in fighting the pandemic.

Addressing the 339th Ordinary Session of the Politburo yesterday, the Zanu PF First Secretary, President Mnangagwa, called for cooperation between small and medium-scale enterprises, local manufacturers and educational institutions.

Source – Daily News