Zimbabwe Health Minister blasts Social Media over coronavirus lies

Health Minister Obadia Moyo

HEALTH minister Obadiah Moyo on Tuesday fired at some “mischievous” Zimbabwean social media users he accused of spreading lies on the real coronavirus situation in the country, while revealing 60 people were on Sunday placed under surveillance for the deadly virus.

The minister refuted claims that there were reported cases of coronavirus in the country yet.

Presenting a ministerial statement in the Senate, Moyo told the legislators that as of Sunday, 60 people who had entered the country through the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, had been placed under surveillance.

“I want to emphasise that there is no case of COVID-19 disease in Zimbabwe,” he told the senators.

“We do not want to have any case of coronavirus in Zimbabwe. We are fighting by all means to make sure that we do not have any case of the virus, yet some people are actually saying ‘it is too late, it (coronavirus) arrived a long time ago’.

“These are very mischievous people. I do not think it is being done on a political basis. It is being done by people who are just mischievous,” said Moyo.

The minister announced that on Sunday at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport at least 5 585 travellers had flown into Zimbabwe and 60 of them were being monitored for coronavirus after screening.

“Let me give you figures Madam President of travellers who are arriving from other countries with confirmed (coronavirus) cases.

“At Robert Mugabe International Airport on Sunday 5 585 travellers came through this airport with 60 people now under surveillance.”

Commenting on an unidentified Mutare woman who returned from China on January 24 and later died, Moyo said the now deceased died before she got to the hospital and her body was immediately isolated and went through all tests which came negative for coronavirus.

There has been panic among local Zimbabweans following reports that the coronavirus had been reported in neighbouring South Africa last week with the cases rising. – Newzim