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US based clinician builds clinic in Zaka

Sadock Mashindi
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Masvingo, Zimbabwe – Prominent clinician and Chief Executive Officer of Arise Hospital in Indiana, USA, Sadock Mashindi, has constructed a new clinic in his home village of Dahwa, located in Zaka Ward 31 under Chief Bota.

The Nyamandlophu Clinic, set to be commissioned later this year, will offer free healthcare services to the local community.

Mashindi, who is also a pastor in the Church of Christ, explained to The Mirror that his motivation to build the clinic stemmed from personal loss. He lost his father and several relatives to treatable diseases due to the lack of nearby medical facilities. “I lost my father and relatives because we used to travel long distances with patients to other clinics, and some people died on the way before accessing medical care,” he shared.

The clinic, which has been in development for five years, will serve approximately 5,000 villagers across Ward 31, the new resettlement area, Dzoro area, Bota area, and parts of Zaka South and East. The establishment of Nyamandlophu Clinic represents a significant improvement in local healthcare access.

Mashindi emphasized that the project was made possible through his own resources, as well as support from family and friends. He views the clinic as part of his commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and his Christian values. “We are doing this as a way of helping the communities through our Christian values,” he noted.

In addition to the clinic, Mashindi has broader plans for his rural village, including establishing a mission with a primary and secondary school, as well as an orphanage. “We have only two mission schools in Zaka, and I want to establish a third one. My idea is to establish a mission in my rural village,” he explained.

Mashindi expressed gratitude to his family, friends, and church members for their unwavering support. “I want to thank my family, friends, and church members for supporting me from day one. My wife, who is a medical doctor, supported me, and my kids sacrificed in a big way to build my faith-based clinic,” he added.

In addition to building Nyamandlophu Clinic, Mashindi has donated medication and equipment to Machiva Clinic and is currently aiding villagers through mobile clinics with a team of doctors. Prior to relocating to the USA, where he worked as a Regional Clinician Counselor before founding his own hospital, Mashindi taught at Dewure High School in Gutu.

Source – The Mirror