Surprise visitor at Nyanga sangoma

Sekuru Mukotsanjera

VILLAGERS who on Friday attended Chief Saunyama’s court hearings at his homestead in Nyatate Village, Nyanga were surprised to see a young woman, believed to be an Indian national, who had visited the place seeking the services of a traditional healer.

The woman, believed to own some businesses in Harare and outside the country, reportedly visited Chief Saunyama’s homestead in a bid to seek spiritual guidance from Sekuru Mukotsanjera.

Sekuru Mukotsanjera is a traditionalist  who assist Chief Saunyama on cases that needs to be solved using traditional means.

Although the woman, only identified as Nenida refused to entertain this reporter, The Weekender’s lenses caught her as she approached Sekuru Mukotsanjera for his services.

It is understood that on the day in question Nenida wanted to thank Sekuru Mukotsanjera for a ‘job well done’ following a boost in her now flourishing businesses.

Sekuru Mukotsanjera said Nenida was one of her clients whom he had helped in boosting businesses that have been going down over the past couple of months.

He said he receives a lot of foreigners who travel to Nyanga seeking his services.

“She is one of my clients and this is not her first time visiting me,” he said.

“I have been helping her like any other person who needs my assistance. There is nothing strange in her coming to seek my services. I know people believe that blacks are the only ones who are supposed to consult traditional healers but anyone is free to consult me if faced with any problem. This time around she had come to thank me for the improvement she was now witnessing in her business. She told me that she has been witnessing some tremendous improvements since the day she engaged me,” he said.

Sekuru Mukotsanjera said Nenida told him that she had some businesses in Dubai, Netherlands and in Harare.

“She had lost all hope and she was thinking of relocating to South Africa to start another life. I told her there was no need as the powers that be have answers to all her problems. There was bad luck which was trailing her and once that is sorted, her business will be as good as before,” he said.

Nenida, who was in the company of two other people, were travelling in a white South African registered double cab Ford Ranger.

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