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Parirenyatwa Hospital Reopens Radiotherapy Center After Two-Year Hiatus

Parirenyatwa Hospital
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Harare,– Parirenyatwa Hospital has announced the reopening of its radiotherapy centre, which had been non-operational for the past two years due to malfunctioning equipment.

The long-awaited resumption of services follows the completion of extensive repairs on the centre’s machinery.

The radiotherapy centre’s closure had significantly impacted cancer patients across Zimbabwe, who were forced to seek treatment elsewhere or forego it altogether. The hospital’s administration expressed relief and optimism about the centre’s reopening.

“We are pleased to inform the public that Parirenyatwa Hospital’s radiotherapy centre is now fully operational again,” said Dr. Simba Munyoro, the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer. “The repairs on our radiotherapy machines have been successfully completed, and we are ready to provide the much-needed treatment to our patients.”

The reopening marks a significant milestone in the hospital’s efforts to enhance its oncology services. During the closure, patients had to endure long waiting periods and travel long distances for radiotherapy, often at great personal and financial cost.

“The past two years have been incredibly challenging for our cancer patients,” noted Dr. Munyoro. “We understand the hardship this has caused and are committed to ensuring that our radiotherapy services are reliable and accessible moving forward.”

Parirenyatwa Hospital’s radiotherapy centre is a critical component of the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, offering treatment for various types of cancer. The restored functionality of the centre’s equipment is expected to significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on other healthcare facilities.

Patients who have been awaiting treatment are encouraged to contact the hospital to schedule their appointments. The hospital administration has assured the public that the radiotherapy machines have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet all safety and efficacy standards.

“The safety and well-being of our patients are our top priorities,” emphasized Dr. Munyoro. “We have taken every precaution to ensure that our radiotherapy services are safe, efficient, and effective.”

The reopening of the radiotherapy centre is a positive development for Zimbabwe’s healthcare system, promising improved access to essential cancer treatments and enhanced support for patients battling cancer.