Man dies after consuming a fatal amount of energy drink

A man has died after consuming a toxic level of caffeine.

Constantin Labo, a 24-year-old Romanian machine operator living in Warrington, was discovered unresponsive in his car in February.

A post-mortem examination found Labo had extremely high levels of caffeine in his system.

Tests revealed he had a concentration level of 280ml in his body, significantly higher than the 3ml found in the average tea or coffee drinker.

Three bottles of a white substance were found inside the vehicle, which are thought to be linked to the high levels of caffeine in his body.

The coroner concluded that Labo died as a result of caffeine intoxication.

Labo had moved to the UK 16 months before his death.

The victim’s sister, Alexandra Labo, said in a statement at the inquest: “My brother was born in Brasov in Romania. He went to school in the town where he lived. He never went to university but he was very clever.

“He worked at a professional driving school and worked with my father as a driver for a short time. He went to the UK for a better life and to work.

“All the money he earned would be put into his bank account. He would always offer to help the family with money.”

Overdosing on caffeine can be dangerous. The NHS has a long list of immediate symptoms, including palpitations, nausea, high blood pressure, convulsions. The worst cases can result in death.

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