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Govt Warns Against Handshake Habits

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HARARE – Government has urged people to change their habits when greeting each other and do away with handshakes to avoid the spread of cholera .

Addressing the media in the capital yesterday, deputy minister of Health and Child Care Dr John Mangwiro said people should try other means of greeting each other so as to avoid cholera epidemic.

“Personal hygiene remains something that we need to continue doing because it is the main form of transmission of cholera, cleaning up our dump areas needs to be done very urgently and we should continuously do it as a nation not only because there is an outbreak of cholera.

“For us, cholera and typhoid are diseases of the past, when people didn’t know how to go about it. These are just diseases of cleanliness so we must be always clean.

“We need to change our habits, l know it’s very rude when someone extends a hand and you do not greet them, it might be very unfair so we have to change the way we greet so that we don’t really clasp each other’s hand hence we have to do it other way round,” he said.

Mangwiro confirmed that government was now in control of the outbreak, thanks to the intervention of various corporate companies.

“We have managed to contain the outbreak for now through interventions from different people.

“We still have cases people report but the curve is now going down which shows that our interventions are working and this is something we need to continue doing.

“The numbers arriving at our camps are now reduced so it shows that things are much better because as the disease the emergency was declared,a lot of people are conscious they rushed to the centers and people have been treated and we hope to continue like that as a nation,” added Mangwiro.

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