Famous Protectior-plus condom ad couple revealed as ZEC Commissioner Qhubani Moyo

Qhubani Moyo

WHETHER they’re warning of the dangers of HIV and Aids or simply trying to promote good, clean, safe fun, condom adverts can be sources of both entertainment and knowledge.

Following jokes on social media of an old eye-catching advert of Protector Plus whose packaging featured a happy couple, along with a slogan “strong sensitive” and people jokingly asking whether the couple was still together, many thanks to B-Metro for revealing the “happy couple” who took the country by storm while raising awareness on the dangers of having unprotected sex.

The faces on the advert which is humorously depicting the couple in a happy situation are none other than Skyz Metro FM chief executive officer and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) commissioner Qhubani Moyo and Stella Dozva who were then students at the University of Zimbabwe and Harare Polytechnic respectively when the advert was designed.

Following the jokes circulating on social media concerning the advert, B-Metro caught up with Moyo who confirmed that he was the face behind the once famous and trendy condom advert.

Women in cat fight over a pack of Protector Plus condoms

“That advert was designed some 22 years ago when I was still a student at UZ and the lady is Stella Dozva who was also a student at Harare Polytechnic’s Mass Communication Department. It’s funny how I was offered the chance to be the face on the condom advert. It was just a random pick where the designers of the advert were looking for someone with a handsome face which they say can be appealing to the masses and the same also went for Stella.

“What I can say is that I was chosen because of my handsome looks and ability to inspire young people to use protection. We were never a couple as some people suggested,” said Moyo.

Asked if he benefited from the advert Moyo said:

“I am not at liberty to say whether I benefited or not. That is private and confidential. But what I can say is that the experience I had with the advert was positive.

“I was happy and felt honoured that I was sensitising millions of Zimbabweans about the risk of HIV which is now regarded as a global pandemic. Tellingly, I had an amazing time on set”.

Meanwhile, Moyo said two years down the line when he was still a student; people “teased” him for preaching something he was not practising when he impregnated his girlfriend.

“Just imagine two years after the advert my girlfriend fell pregnant and people and fellow students were laughing at me saying I was preaching something I was not practising but I am happy that the girlfriend became my wife,” said Moyo. – B-Metro