Dire situation at Parirenyatwa Hospital

HARARE – The country’s largest referral hospital Parirenyatwa is turning away patients and not admitting casualties owing to the unavailability of doctors.

The nursing staff at the hospital confirmed off camera the worsening crisis which is affecting even the mortuary as doctors are the only ones who can certify the loss of life of patients.

The usually busy referral hospital was a pale shadow of itself when the ZBC News crew visited with most wards being empty.

Nursing staff on the ground confirmed that their hands were tied as they could not admit patients in the absence of doctors who are responsible for assessing the patient’s condition before either admitting or prescribing treatment.

Meanwhile, the Health Services Board said patients are not supposed to be turned away as there are senior medical doctors on call while the nurses on the ground should administer treatment.

Vice chairperson of the board Professor Auxilia Chideme-Munodawafa said they are in the process of meeting with doctors under the Zimbabwe Medical Association to find solutions