British company Omega Diagnostics Gets Visitect CD4 Advanced Disease Test Order from Zimbabwe

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Omega Diagnostics Group PLC on Tuesday announced the first purchase order for its Visitect CD4 advanced disease test from its Zimbabwe partner.

Shares in Omega were up 8.8% at 9.25 pence on just before midday.

The order was for 20,000 units and had a value of GBP80,000. The test, which is used to measure the status of HIV patients, is currently being reviewed by the Expert Review Panel for Diagnostics, which is funded by global health initiative Unitaid.

The Zimbabwe order is not dependent upon the review process because it will supply business-to-business marketing channels and not non-governmental organisations.

The company has already received a purchase order in Nigeria for 50,000 units of its Visitect CD4 350 test.

Omega Chief Executive Colin King said: “I am delighted that we have now received our first significant purchase orders for both formats of our CD4 test which illustrates there is a clear demand for our innovative and unique products. These tests will have a profoundly positive impact for people living with HIV who currently struggle to access the appropriate healthcare.”

Source: London South East