14-month-old child rushed to hospital after mistaking cannabis for chocolate

A child in Italy was forced to visit hospital after they accidentally consumed cannabis, which they thought was chocolate.

The 14-month-old from the southern town of Cerignola was rushed to hospital when he developed breathing difficulties on Friday afternoon (17 November).

The Local reported that the boy was in a serious condition after doctors were forced to take emergency action to help the child’s breathing, but he later became stable.

Tests at hospital revealed that he was positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, TCH, a chemical compound in cannabis that is known for the psychological effect it has on people.

Speaking to police, the boy’s parents said that he probably ate a piece of hash, a type of cannabis resin that has a dark brown colour, giving the appearance of chocolate.

Hash is illegal in Italy expect for some religious and medical reasons, so a police investigation is underway to find out how the child was able to come into contact with the drug.

Despite the fact the the drug is illegal in the country, it is estimated that around three million kilos of it are consumed each year in Italy. – IBTimes