Zimbabwean President blasts young generation yearning for Colonial Rhodesia

Last Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has blasted social media users who spent the greater part of last week comparing him to Ian Smith, one of Zimbabwe’s colonial era leaders, calling them misguided fools, and their behaviour disheartening

Social media users, who include football giant Dynamos former captain, Memory Mucherahowa, took to Twitter and Facebook to share images and videos that buttressed arguments Mnangagwa was failing, including those of prisoners, arrested human rights activists and fully developed projects.

Speaking at the burial of late national hero, Major General Sydney Bhebhe at the heroes’ acre on Monday, Mnangagwa said Smith and his administration were at the centre of Zimbabwe’s plunder.

“It is most disheartening to hear some of our misinformed and misguided young people peddling grossly false narrative that life under Ian Smith was better than that under independence. Foolish young people,” said Mnangagwa to a mostly Zanu PF crowd in attendance.

“The onus is on the older generation to constantly explain to the youth of our country that Ian Smith and those present-day counter revolutionaries, with similar inclinations, personified plunder, and pillage of our motherland.

“The racist excesses of the Rhodesian white settler regime were unbearable and fraught with the constant threat of death. It took strong willed cadres in the mould of our late hero, Major General Sydney Bhebhe, to endure the audacious journey that finally brought about our freedom.

“We have a sacred responsibility to jealousy guide our motherland, Zimbabwe.”

Poor infrastructure, a high unemployment rate, a nonfunctional health system and rampant corruption were given as examples among many others, why Mnangagwa was faring worse than Smith.

Using a match in which Caps United thumped Dynamos 7-0 in 1988 as an example, Mucherahowa said arguing that Smith was better than Mnangagwa did not translate to supporting the late colonial master.

“I played in this match, Caps United thumped us 7-0. When I was asked after the match, I said Caps were by far better than us. But that doesn’t mean I was supporting Caps United,” said Mucherahowa.

Added Mnangagwa: “These crooks of unrepentant supremacist seek to make Zimbabwe (a place) where Africans, ourselves, are disenfranchised and turned into puppets for their elitist economic benefit. This will never happen.

“Such colonial inspired economic domination under whatever guise will never be accepted in Zimbabwe under the revolutionary party Zanu PF.”

Surprise Mnangagwa defenders included Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) secretary general, Charlton Hwende, who refused, out-rightly,  supporting the argument that Smith was better.

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