Zimbabwe signs space deal with Russian company

MOSCOW, /TASS/. Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos and the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency have signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in space, Roscosmos said in a news release on Monday.

On November 1, Roscosmos said, talks were held between its deputy CEO, Oleg Frolov, and Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education and Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Raymore Machingura and ZINGSA Acting Director Pianos Gweme.

“The meeting ended with the signing of a joint memorandum of understanding between Roscosmos and ZINGSA on cooperation in space research and peaceful uses of outer space,” the news release runs.

The two sides discussed cooperation in the field of remote sensing of the Earth and in training space industry personnel.

Zimbabwe’s delegation, Roscosmos said, will visit a number of Russia’s space rocket industry enterprises, including the Research Center for Operative Earth Monitoring, the Lavochkin Research and Production Association (NPO Lavochkin) and Mission Control.

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