“You Will Face The Wrath Of Our Security Sector”: Mpofu Responds To Jonathan Moyo’s Threats

Obert Mpofu

Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu has responded to warnings by former Higher Education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo that there will be bloodshed in Zimbabwe.

Mpofu said they are ready to defend the country against insurgency. Said Mpofu:

If we could deal with a vicious enemy like the Rhodesian regime, what can stop us from dealing with the renegades who may want to destabilise our peace and stability?

We are not a banana republic. We are a democratic country with a formidable security services sector and we cannot allow people to destabilise our peace. We may have our differences, but if people start contemplating causing chaos through destabilising our peace, then they will face the wrath of our security sector, but not only of our security sector, but of the patriotic Zimbabweans.

War veterans spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said Moyo’s warning of bloodshed in the country should not be taken lightly.

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