Mudenda to be arrested for corruption

HARARE – High level sources have revealed that a letter was written to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission urging them to investigate incumbent speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda over criminal abuse of office,  corruption,  nepotism and other practices.

Part of the letter seen by this reporter reads that there is enough evidence to link Mudenda to the botched fuel deal that was facilitated by his son Donald Mudenda when Jacob Mudenda was Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.

It is alleged that officials from CAAZ tried approaching Speaker Mudenda over the issue in 2014 and eye witnesses state that the Speaker of Parliament called Parliament Security to kick out the CAAZ officials from his office.

The letter also further urges ZACC to look into a Victoria Falls land scandal where Mudenda is alleged to have used his influence to coerce ZESA into buying a piece of land which belonged to Mudenda at an inflated price.

Contacted for comment ZACC officials declined to comment on the matter.

Sources within ZANU PF said the party had taken heed of the youth league accusations of corruption levelled against some senior members including Mudenda and the axe was going to fall heavily on those found guilty.

Meanwhile other sources said it is a matter of time before Mudenda is elbowed out as there are whispers in the corridors of power to the effect that Retired General Rugeje was heading to parliament to replace Mudenda and ensure that Emmerson Mnangagwa does not face a motion of impeachment.

During the run up to the 2018 harmonised elections Mnangagwa revealed that there were plots to oust him from power though a parliamentary process.

Source – Byo24