Moana’s burial judgement to be passed on Wednesday

High Court judge justice Pisirai Kwenda has deferred the ruling on the dispute between the late socialite Michelle “Moana” Amulis parents over her burial to Wednesday after an urgent chamber application by the deceased’s mother to nullify a burial order issued last week.

Moana can only be buried after Wednesday as the Judgement will be delivered on Wednesday at 2.30 pm. Watch the video below

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Meanwhile, UK-based self proclaimed human rights activist Betty Makoni has called for the arrest of the late fitness trainer Moana (real name Mitchelle Amuli) for statutory r@pe because according to her, he had s.e.xual relations with an underaged child. This came after the family of Moana which is engaged in a nasty tussle over how her remains should be interred hogged the limelight for taking jabs at each other publicly.

Makoni took to Twitter to explain why she had strong options on the matter and said: Child marriage Quiz ….. Moana died at age 26. Her mother is 41. What age did this man marry Moana’s mother? ANSWER age 15. So he had s.e.x with a girl aged 14.

If this man had s.e.x with a 14-year-old girl and then we give excuses about time, then we are overlooking what rape trauma does to a victim. Rape crime is timeless. Even if you committed it centuries back, fact still stands that he violated a minor. He must be prosecuted.

Anyone found to have had s.e.x with a minor should be on s.e.x offender register- whether past or current. This man should be on Zimbabwe S.e.x Offender register. He is a danger to kids. He should not be allowed near grandchild. Historical rape cases should not be ignored.

The normal procedure in civilised societies is that if an adult is suspected to have s.e.x with an underage girl & no matter when then they would be on s.e.x offender register. That helps to protect other minors. Research shows a paedophile can rape up to 250 children. Safeguard.

Makoni’s tweets were met with mixed reactions as some said it was too late to prosecute him now while some said back in 1994 it was a common norm and people should move on while some said she should leave the family alone.

However, a few accounts that commented on the post pointed out that the age of consent back then used to be 12 years before it was changed in 2004, so technically he broke no law. Said one of many Twimbos who were quick to point that out:

The age of consent used to be 12 years until it was adjusted to 16 by the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act (9.23) around 2004/05. While Makoni attacks Amuli, his daughter Moana is still to be buried following her horrific death in the accident that also claimed the life of 3 others including socialite Genius Kadungure.

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