Mliswa urges Govt to unleash soldiers on armed robbers

Temba Mliswa

NORTON MP Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) has urged the Government to deploy the army to assist the police in combating rampant armed robberies across the country, adding that the police was clearly overwhelmed and outfoxed by the criminal gangs.

Mliswa noted that the army assisted the police in enforcing the coronavirus-induced lockdowns and should therefore be unleashed on armed robbers who have become a terror in recent months.

“The incidents of armed robbery have reached unprecedented levels, it’s worrying. We’ve seen the army being deployed to maintain regulations during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, can’t the same be done to deal with these armed robbers who are wreaking havoc?” Mliswa posted on Twitter, attracting mixed reactions.

“If [the police] do not have the capacity, can’t the army step in to ensure safety in the country before things degenerate even further?

“Zimbabwe is generally a peaceful country, but this peace is being shattered by these criminals. Who will invest under such conditions?”

Mliswa urged Government to seriously consider the issue of the army stepping in as the police was evidently overwhelmed and being repeatedly outfoxed by criminal gangs.

The Norton MP added that the current head of the police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga doesn’t have what it takes to combat crime unlike his predecessor Augustine Chihuri.

Mliswa said in spite of his obvious shortcomings, former Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri presided over an effective police force.

“Government must come in with an operation involving the army to nip this criminality in the bud. The operation should not be limited to roadblocks but the army must be with the people to safeguard the people and these places being targeted.

“The Police and Army should strategically monitor some of these service stations. Where are you Army when you are needed? You’re the last line of defence.

“Unfortunately, the Police don’t have a leader in Matanga and are failing dismally to maintain order.

“Chihuri with all his shortcomings and corruption nevertheless ran a tight ship and the police were a force to reckon with. Something clearly lacking with today’s crop.”

Mliswa’s call follows a spate of armed robberies across the country in recent weeks, with businesses and individuals losing thousands in cash and other valuables.

Several suspects and innocent people have also been caught in the crossfire with some seriously injured during the robberies.  – Zimbabwe Voice