Mixed feelings on Winky D’s Ragga Msambo trilogy

“He’s lost his charm, No he is still the G.O.A.T,” this is the prevailing topic on Zimbabwe twitter as Winky D and Ragga Msambo trends in Zimbabwe.

Winky D has released his long awaited December project which has been received with mixed feelings as some feel like he did well while some feel he has lost his charm.

Winky D’s trilogy consists of three singles which are, Ragga Msambo, Reply and David and Goliath. Most people have shown their appreciation for two songs David and Goliah and Reply which came along with visual.

Ragga Msambo the singe has been dragged through the muds by some fans who think the Gaffa did not do justice in it.

Below are some reactions to the trilogy

@KeyboardWarrior said, “Winky D is a national asset, he must be protected at all costs,”

@DenguGarikai said, “The way I was impantiently waiting for Winky D’s new song since yesterday, at this point im not even proud to say I am his fan but anyway we don’t win all the time.”

@Tonderaiscoop commented saying, “ayewa apa Gaffa rapera not sure if its covid or he had lost his touch.”

As it is well known the battle in Zimbabwe is always known to be between Winky D and Jah Prayzah. Some Winky D fans had to warn Jah Prayzah’s fans not to throw stones when they live in a glass house.

“Jah Prayzah’s fans better not comment because we didn’t say anything when their idol released a meaningless song,” commented Cedric. – Zimbabwe Voice 

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