Massive rally in Harare on Saturday as War Veterans gives Mugabe ultimatum

Harare – A senior Zimbabwean war veteran has given President Robert Mugabe an ultimatum that he must resign by Saturday.

“Between now and tomorrow (on Saturday), we are giving a very strong warning to Mugabe and his wife… He won’t be allowed to continue,” said Christopher Mutsvangwa, the chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association.

Mutsvangwa was speaking at a press conference in Harare on Friday afternoon after a tense week in the capital, with calls for Mugabe, who has been president for nearly 40 years, to step down.

No going back

Mutsvangwa said that the war veterans were behind the army and supported the calls for Mugabe to step down.

“There is no going back about Mugabe. Period. We have declared, and there is no going back. He must leave [and] the population must come support us tomorrow (on Saturday),” he said.

He said the war veterans were calling on all Zimbabweans to show support at a planned rally on Saturday, where they would call for Mugabe to step down.