Khupe MDC-T confirms July 31 march snub

Thokozani Khupe

THOKOZANI Khupe’s MDC-T has confirmed it shall not be part of the July 31 anti-corruption demonstrations while accusing the rival MDC Alliance of sponsoring the planned national resistance to disrupt its extraordinary congress set for the same day.

The planned protests are being fronted by opposition Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngaruvhume but have received massive support from the main opposition MDC Alliance and some civil society organisations.

The protests are set to coincide with the MDC-T’s extra-ordinary congress which has all to do with the greater MDC’s leadership wrangle that has seen Nelson Chamisa lose territory to Khupe.

However, MDC-T acting spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni is convinced party rivals had double motives.

“We are worried and suspicious because we have intelligence that there are credible attempts to disrupt our extra-ordinary congress and we found it to be very suspicious that after we announce our date and then there is this demonstration,” Phugeni told journalists Sunday at the Morgan Tsvangirai House.

“Let me remind you of something, you remember the last demo that happened like this under the guise of ZCTU, about three to five people died there which they (MDC Alliance) later announced from the podium to have been stupid.

“I am not going to announce someone stupid later because I have foresight. I can see where this thing is going.

“I am favouring you with this information that there was a protest under the guise of the ZCTU. That protest ended up with people here being called stupid from this podium.”

Phugeni was, in fact, referring to ill-fated post-election protests in 2018 when six civilians were gunned down by security forces in central Harare.

The killings were done during announcement of parliamentary election results and before the presidential poll ones were made public.

Loosing presidential candidate, Chamisa, who had earlier rallied his followers to “defend your vote” prior to the disputed poll, later told the media the decision to riot was “stupid” and “unstrategic” as it was done before the presidential election could be announced.

Quizzed by journalists as to how he could link a protest fronted by Ngarivume to MDC Alliance, Phugeni was adamant rivals in MDC Alliance had a stronger hand in the action.

“This is clear my friend that the MDC Alliance as a political party is behind the demo. Go to social media, see the characters who are involved, see the people behind this thing.

“So, if you want to be wilfully ignorant, I can’t help you, wilfully ignorant, its fine.

“I can shock you that this demonstration has nothing by the way to do with corruption.

“Tell me, what are they promising you after with regards to the fight against corruption. Will corruption cease in this country,” he said.

Last Sunday Chamisa distanced his party from organising the anti-corruption demonstration but said will join any “progressive forces” in the fight against corruption. – Newzim