Chamisa brushes off Zanu PF sanctions propaganda

Disputed MDC Acting President Nelson Chamisa

MDC-T deputy president, Nelson Chamisa has dismissed as Zanu PF propaganda reports that the MDC Alliance was in the United States to beg for an extension of sanctions, saying as the alternative and government in waiting, they had the right to start cultivating relations with the international community.


Chamisa told The Standard in an interview from the US that Zanu PF lacked strategies and sense of engagement and was now resorting to fabrications.

“The fake information and propaganda in the form of sanctions was manufactured by a group of Zanu PF activists deployed on social media by senior Zanu PF officials to lie about the purpose of our visit,” he said.

Chamisa described their trip as a form of patriotism that must be applauded by well-meaning Zimbabweans.

“As far as the Constitution is concerned, there is going to be an election in the next seven months and we are preparing for the elections,” he said.

“It entails getting our message to the local and international audience.

“We make no apology for making our humble endeavour to get Zimbabwe back on track.

“As you are aware, re-engagement takes time and we must act now as an alternative government. We need $15 billion for the immediate reconstruction of Zimbabwe.”

Chamisa said it was not criminal to build a coalition of global solidarity focusing on free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

He accused Zanu PF of double standards and queried why it was not a crime for the ruling party to train its people in China and not calling them sell-outs as they were portraying the MDC-T.

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