New fast-food chain industry players sprout in Harare

HARARE – The growth of the fast-food industry where new joints are being opened in various parts of the country has emerged as another indication that Zimbabwe’s economy is on the mend.

New fast food joints in and around Harare’s Central Business District have been cited as confirmation of the vast economic opportunities that exist in the fast-food industry and the growth of the country’s economy.

Some are even daring, setting up shop next to established international fast food chains as they seek to put their claim on people’s strong purchasing power.

“We opened up during the Covid-19 pandemic and were not deterred but convinced that indeed there is more business in this market.

“We are even thinking of expanding to other cities because of the overwhelming response from the industry.”

What is even more remarkable is that some of the new players have not been deterred by the Covid-19 lockdown after spreading their wings to other towns and cities.

“We were established just two years ago and our business has been growing since and the numbers are looking very good.”

On another note, the Listed fast-food chain Simbisa Foods which owns a chain of mixed food outlets announced its plans to open over 90 shops in the coming financial year as Zimbabwe’s economy continues to offer vast and endless business opportunities courtesy of the Second Republic’s pro-business economic policies.

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