Nandos Samora Opens To Sizzling Experience

HARARE – Fast food chain, Nandos Samora casa has opened its doors after a six-week layoff occasioned by renovations that include a combination of modern touches and old-school glam.

The casa was closed while the renovation team turned up the heat and made it more spacious and brighter in order to enhance the customer’s experience.

There is definitely much to see and explore in the Samora casa as the revamp has changed everything about the casa right round!

If you had a favourite spot in the old Nando’s Samora casa you will definitely want to test out all the many options that come with this new casa and find a new fave.

Speaking on the reopening of the revamped casa, Steve Chamboko the Nando’s Zimbabwe Country Director said “renovating the Samora casa has been such an exciting process for us, and we are even more thrilled to welcome our family back home to a fresh casa. Those who missed the Samora opening in can now say they were some of the first customers who were there when the legendary Samora new look was unveiled! Our Samora casa has always been buzzing with energy, and with this revamp we will absolutely reignite that and more!”

Warren Meares, Managing Director of Simbisa Brands, the franchise owners of the Nando’s brand in Zimbabwe, added:

“This is the very first Nando’s revamp that we are undertaking in Zimbabwe and you can be assured that there are even more in the pipeline. Such activities are worthwhile investments in our beautiful country and we will continue with them as they benefit not only our customers, but even the Nandocas that we employ and their families.”

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