Lockdown: Restaurant owners want further relaxation

The Restaurant Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe (ROAZ) is requesting an extension of operating hours for restaurants following the vaccination of more than 75 percent of established restaurants’ staff against Covid-19.

The remaining dining venues are expected to follow suit within the next few weeks.

Restaurant Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe (ROAZ) president, Mr. Bongai Zamchiya, said this was a commendable development in support of the ongoing national effort to combat Covid-19.

“A study of our members highlighted their quick action on taking up the vaccine and we are delighted with their effort,” he said.

“ROAZ is now requesting extended operating hours for restaurants, a move that will alleviate the financial pressure on them following a year and a month of closure or partial operation for the country’s dining venues.”

Mr. Zamchiya said currently restaurants were not able to host customers at what is traditionally the most viable time of day up to 9pm.

“ROAZ members have been at the forefront of compliance with all national directives to combat Covid-19 and we know they will continue to do so,” he said.

“High standards of operational hygiene are a permanent feature of our members’ business practices, not only on this period of crisis but at all times.” – Herald

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