Hubby guards cooking wife. . . chooses ‘best’ plate

TRUST has reached the zero degree level for a Zvishavane couple always fighting and for the man to eat food cooked by his wife he has to “monitor” all her moves and after dishing he chooses a plate for himself.

The marriage of 24 years is facing serious challenges as Mkhulunyelwa Ndlovu and his wife Midious Mpofu do not trust each other anymore.

The couple opened up at the courts after they had both applied for protection orders against each other.

Ndlovu revealed that he was not happy at his own home because of his wife’s behaviour of being in charge of everything.

“For the past four years, I do not know peace. My wife always assaults, insults and threatens me. She wants to be in charge of family issues.

“I fear for my life following her behaviour. She does not even cook for me as her husband,” said Ndlovu.

In response the wife dismissed the man’s allegations saying instead it was the opposite and the man abused her.

“We got married in 1995 and my husband has always been hostile. I only have to cook when he is around so he can guard and monitor all my moves. He says he is afraid that I will put poison in his food.

“There is no special plate for him because he prefers to choose his own plate before I serve other family members,” said Mpofu.

Since the woman had applied for a protection order as well, the presiding magistrate Shepherd Mjanja granted an interim order.