Egodini meals on wheels lose business

After their fellow Caravan vending partners were relocated to different places in the city, two businesswomen were ordered to remain so as to serve Terracotta workers.

But they are saying they are recording very low sales since construction work has not begun at Egodini terminus.

A survey done by this publication observed three caravans Flos, Tees and Sky Blue Kitchen which are owned by Teresia Nyathi and Florence Venter and another vending partner.

In separate interviews Nyathi and Venter said since the relocation of commuter omnibuses and vendors from Egodini they have been recording very low sales.

Nyathi said they were ordered to remain at Egodini terminus and would be selling food to South African contractor, Terracotta Trading Private Limited workers who would be doing construction work.

“We were told that we would get  customers when the Terracotta workers start work here but only six guys came to barricade the place and we have been selling to them and a few people who occasionally pass by. As such we have been recording very low sales,” said Nyathi.

Nyathi said they once approached the city council authorities to request to be relocated to a temporary vending place but the city council turned down their request.

“We approached the city council to request for a temporary place to operate from but the city council authorities refused and told us that we have to remain here saying construction work would begin as soon as possible,” said Nyathi.

Venter concurred with Nyathi saying they were facing a serious problem and were now failing to pay expenses.

“For the past three weeks I have been failing to pay rental expenses and salaries for my two workers. Now if the situation continues like this I feel I would end up closing as I’m selling not more than five plates a day.  We are appealing to city council authorities to relocate us to a place where there is activity like Mana Mana opposite Manor Hotel and we would come back here when construction begins,” said Venter.

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