Prioritise increasing yields, farmers urged

Farmers, including those in maize production, have been urged to concentrate on increasing yields to boost agricultural production which provides upstream and downstream benefits to the economy.

One of the country’s top seed manufacturing companies, Seedco Zimbabwe, is incentivising farmers to focus on increasing yields to boost agricultural production, one of the mainstay of Zimbabwe’s economy.

At an annual awards ceremony dubbed “the eleven tonne plus farmers awards”, the company recognised farmers who produce at least eleven tonnes of maize per hectare.

Guest of honour at the awards ceremony, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement Honourable Vangelis Peter Haritatos urged farmers to adopt effective farming methods that increase output.

“It is imperative for farmers to concentrate on their output per hectare. Agricultural production can only recover if farmers make the effective use of their land and resources by embracing advice from researchers that will raise output,” said Cde Haritatos.

Effective land use management, the application of modern farming practices and mechanisation are some of the ways that help towards increasing yields.

Outstanding farmers at the ceremony were given tractors, motor vehicles and farm implements among other prizes.